As I was talking to somebody recently about interviews and what we can and cannot ask, I thought this could be an interesting topic to discuss. Back in 1999, when I started my first job in India, the most common interview question that we had to face was “when do you plan to start a family?” So if you are single, then this question means when do you plan to get married, and if you are already married then this question is asking when do you plan to get pregnant? I have left India in 2008, so I am not sure if such questions are still asked during interviews, maybe you can share your inputs. The Canadian Human Rights Commission says you should avoid such questions. Why? Because it is discriminatory. So what is wrong with the question? The problem lies with the reason behind the question. Why as an employer are we collecting this information? Because we want to know if this young female employee going to stay with the organization or are they going to leave the job for family. And why do we care if they leave the job? Because we would have invested time and money in hiring and training this female employee.

I am going to leave it at this and let you think and share what interview questions have you faced or asked that could potentially be leading to a discriminatory hiring decision.

Here is a link to the interview and screening guide from Canadian Human Rights Commission:

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