Hope you had a good start to the new year. This is the time of the year when we make plans. So how do you plan your HR year? What works for your HR plan?

Here are a few ideas for preparing your HR plan.

Business Plan

The priorities of the HR department will follow the organization’s business plan. And that can be a good place to start looking for directions. The business plan will or show where, when, and how the organization will grow during the year. And growth projection means recruitment needs. Or, needs to check and realign jobs or it can also mean growth through acquiring new businesses. Or, the organization might need a downsizing or focus on the core businesses. HR’s involvement will be crucial in all these. So you need to have the capacity in your HR annual plan to support the organization’s needs.

Organizational Design projects

Your HR plan should also look at organizational design components like Job Descriptions, compensation, and reporting relationships. Review and analysis of such data will be an HR Project that you may want to account for.

Compliance Calendar

Also, in many organizations, Payroll and Safety are part of HR’s responsibilities. And you may want to have your compliance calendar in place as well. This is to make sure you do not miss any significant compliance requirements during the year. Examples can be the year-end Payroll activities, Safety Committee meetings, internal audits, balance reconciliations, compliance training required in certain provinces.

Wellness Calendar

You may want to set up your wellness calendar for the year. You can consider newsletters or awareness events around different topics throughout the year. You can find resources at Calendar of health promotion days

HR Resources

To be able to support the activities in your HR plan, you need trained resources in your team. Consider what staff support will your HR department need in the next one year. Consider how are you going to meet those requirements. You may want to have a training plan for yourself and team members to bridge any current knowledge gaps.

Project Management Software

There are many project planning software tools that you can use to track your projects. So, if you have not used one before you can ask your HR network or business Project Management team for suggestions.

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