Does your organization operate in more than one province in Canada? Do you need to refer to the Employment Standards and Safety Regulations in each of these provinces? To ensure compliance with the province where your employees are based, you may find a comparison chart would be useful. It is easy to refer to the differences when you see them on a chart.
We are listing down some important areas of compliance that you can include in your comparison chart.
The minimum wage differs from province to province. You need to have the most up-to-date information at any point.
Hours of work and Overtime rules are also different in provinces. You need to check the maximum hours of work, rest between two shifts, and weekly and/or daily overtime rules.
Vacation time and vacation pay rules can vary based on what are the minimum standards, vacation time utilization, etc.
Some provinces provide more job-protected leave without pay while others do not. If your organization operates in many provinces and you want to follow one rule across all provinces, you may have to follow the province that offers the most.
Pregnancy and Parental Leave rules are also different in provinces, though the variations are not too large.
The statutory holidays for each of the provinces can be different. So are the statutory holiday pay rules.
The notice required for termination of employment varies across provinces. The rules around final pay, are also very different. It is important to keep these rules in mind when you are deciding your payroll processes for each of the provinces where your employees work 
Temporary lay-off rules can vary across provinces. So do the group termination rules. These situations are not very common. The chart would be helpful if you are doing mass lay off in many provinces.
COVID-19 has led to the introduction of new rules. Most provinces have similar rules. Yet, you may want to read the details for the differences.
The Safety standards and rules might vary across provinces as well. As HR you might be dealing with worker’s injury reporting, modified duty, and return to work situations. These rules vary across provinces. You may want to check for each of these provinces to make sure you are compliant.
Most Payroll and HR information systems would ensure compliance with the provincial rules. Yet, it is best not to assume and run some test cases to check compliance. Also, these systems will only provide you support to do the payroll calculations. And you still need to make sure the provincial and federal standards were followed when the setup was done. There are still many other rules outside of payroll calculation. You need to make sure the policies are compliant with the applicable employment standards.

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